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    Classic Stevie Ray Vaughan

    I have this on tape, but stumbled across a clip of it on the web and thought I'd post it for all the SRV fans:

    I had the privilege of seeing the legend in concert when he played here in Victoria in '85, only a few short years before he died, and I'll never forget it. He was taken from us way too soon.
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    Great find!

    That version of VooDoo Child is Live from Austin City Limits, have it on tape along with live at the El Macombo from '84 & '85, while he was still on the heroin. Too bad he died right after he beat his demons.
    I saw him in '86 in Toronto right after he got clean then he died a little while later. Too bad, what a great musical icon, glad I had a chance to see him.
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    I miss SRV...

    Great link - thanks!
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    I saw him in the lat 80's at the Orpheum on my birthday. What an amazing show, I'm so glad I got a chance to see him live.

    Truth be told I left the concert early, pretty much at the moment when they dragged Collin James on to the stage. barf.

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    he did a show in Vancouver about a week or two before the helicopter crash. My Dad and brother saw him play...I wanted to go but wasn't of age to get into the club he was playing at. I wish I could have seen the legend play

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