question? price of parts
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Thread: question? price of parts

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    question? price of parts

    rufly how much would these parts be worth?
    -head light
    -right leaver
    -rear peg
    -right clip on
    -rad overflow
    thanx for the info. sorry if i posted in the wrong area

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    I just went through the whole thing of fixing up the same kind of bike. The usual price if you buy that stuff from a wrecker is half of retail. Some of the stuff you have there is tough to find used. The forks are going to be the real killer. If you can find some for 300 or less, buy them. Just be carefull. Someone might try to sell bent ones. A good price for the headlight would be about $150- another tough item to find used. Pegs are cheap if the assembly isn't broken. Clip ons can be expensive. The right seems to be a lot tougher to find a used on than the left. The overflow bottle should be cheap. I would pay $10-$20. Keep your eye on (do a search eg. gsx) and ebay. Supersport in Langley seems to have the best supply of used parts in the lower mainland but be prepared to spend a lot of money if you buy anything there. Above all else be patient. You probably have all winter so keep your eye out for the best deal if it means passing up some ok ones.

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