Black CRF / XR 50 bodywork (1 set)
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Thread: Black CRF / XR 50 bodywork (1 set)

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    Black CRF / XR 50 bodywork (1 set)

    Here's what I got... Front fender, left & right front side/tank panels, rear tail fender, and just the left side rear panel. The parts are not used, but not 100% mint. Just have a few scuffs from being in the garage for a while...

    I do not have the right side rear panel cuz a buddy needed it, and no numberplate.

    If you use your stock white numberplate and stock white left & right rear side panels then you'll have a black fiddy with white front and side number plates = cool!

    The asking price... how about two 6-packs of beer, or whatever it's worth to you in any other fun mind altering substance

    I live on the north shore, but am in burnaby a lot of the time so we can meet up for the trade, or come out to a stunt ride on the weekend (if it's not raining).
    PM me if interested...
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