How many dirtbikers have their road bike licence ?
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Thread: How many dirtbikers have their road bike licence ?

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    Slim Shadetree

    Question How many dirtbikers have their road bike licence ?

    Curious how many dirt riders are qualified to ride on the road vs. guys like me who can only ride off road ?

    My plan was to get a dirt bike for my birthday, which I did last April; learn to ride and operate the bike for a year off road and then for my next birthday in April take lessons for my road licence and then see if I wanted to get a street bike at some point.

    So far I'm loving the dirt but there are times I wish I could just ride out the driveway without having to load up the trailer, drive for an hour yadda yadda..

    If you also ride on the street what kind of bike do you have ? What did you start doing first street or dirt ?

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    One Lump Sum Array
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    1997 GSX-R 600
    Dirt first. Right now have a CRF230 that I've completely outgrown, but at least I ride it like I stole it. Doesn't like big jumps though, it's nearly tossed me more than once (the rest of the time it actually does toss me). I've also got an old Yamaha IT400 I'm slowly fixing up a bit for buddies to ride. Nothing prepared for the the ZX9R may as well be a totally different machine. I rode the Kawi for a week straight when I got it, then tried riding my dirtbike and nearly faceplanted. I'm used to both now, but it took some doing...dirtbikes only help prepare you for street bikes.
    1997 GSX-R 600 (high k's and missing bolts here and there)

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    road dirt bikes from age 4 till 15,got bike license,owned a streetbike and racebike from 16-31.

    now bought 4 dirtbikes for the family and enjoying everysecond.No more streetbike.

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    ...::::::::::::::::::.... Array YamahaScott's Avatar
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    2003 R6 , 2003 YZ 250
    first rat bike at 13 RD 50
    first dirt bike at 14 KX 125
    first MX race at 16 YZ 125
    first sport bike at 25 R6 2003
    first bike license at 26

    You right, I found Sport/street bikes are great because it is quick to get out on the bike.
    ....As opposed to dirt bikes...load...offload....ride...load...offload... .clean.
    Don't get me wrong, I prefer dirt bike riding any day. Nothing compares to air time.

    Starting out on dirt is the best way, I think.
    I can lock the back tire up on the sport and not even miss a heart beat.

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    North of 49
    06 CRF450R sold XR650R :(
    Back to my roots, in the dirt. I want to stay on the track though, dirt or paved.
    RPM #26

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    2005 FJR1300, 2008 KTM 990 Adventure, 1981 CB650c
    Started on the dirt as a kid.

    Had the road licence weeks after the car licence.

    Usually like riding off road in the fall and spring.

    The question is not what you look at...but what you see...
    ~Henry David Thoreau

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    Best of both world 2,4 stroke Honda
    Rode a PW50 on the roads of Trinidad WI, Rode Z50 on roads to trials in Ontario, Rode a Honda CR 250 2 up on roads to trails in Ontario, Rode Honda S90/Passport 50 on roads without in High School. Rode RZ 350 and Huricane 1000 in University. All without licences.
    Got caught twisting the throttle on the Hurricane 1000 once and had to push that big peice of junk 5K and was fined 200 I decided to get my license. Failed once on a GSRX 1000, did it again with EX 250, and now I am riding happily ever after on the street with my....
    Say Hello to my little friend...CR 500 Supermoto.
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    W. Van (obvious aint it?) LOL
    04' Suzuki SV1000S, 01' BMW K1200LT, 94' Suzuki Intruder 1400
    Started dirt first. It's a real asset for when you get your street licence. I just got mine this summer.

    The difference with street riding is apparent right away. You're leaning the street bike in corners much further than the newbs who have never ridden dirt.

    I've dreamed of riding on the street for years before I finally got around to taking the course with BCSC. It's well worth it to take the course. You'll find the first part (learning how to use the clutch, etc) boring as hell but it gets better. They do a good job of making you aware of the dangers around you.

    On dirt I've ridden various bikes from DRZ400 to KX125 that I own now, a few newer scary 250 2-strokes.

    I wouldn't recommend you start on a Honda Blackbird as your first bike though..... on the other hand I've tried everything BCSC had to offer from DR650 to GS500's. While I had my novice licence I went to visit a friend of mine in Ontairo and rode his bikes for 7 days... FJR1300 and a 1450cc harley. The FJR had to be muscled in the corners but I loved it. Tons of power. Harley was totally different, wasn't really interested but was a cool ride. For the last 5-6wks I've had the luck of borrowing my bro-in-law's BMW R1200GS. Totally different again. But turns corners like a dirtbike, you don't have to push-steer it like the FJR.

    Having said all that, there's nothing that will substitute for cc's. Once you ride a big displacement bike you won't want to go back. Big motor brings big torque, you don't have to shift all the time, plus good engine braking.

    If you're older and a mature, responsible rider, just get what you want. Never say "NO" to trying a friend's bike. The more bikes you can try after you get your licence, the better. If you think crotch rockets only for you, just go try a custom bike. You might like it. Don't put anything down unless you've tried it. It's all good.

    Good luck getting your licence next year.

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    02 GSXR 1000
    Dirt as a kid. Nothing serious. Street as adult(Currently gixxer 1000). but I wouldn't give up my dirtbike(CRF 250X) for anything..If I had to choose between the rides I'd choose the dirt...Not as serious, way more fun.

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    2004 CBR 600 F4i
    played in the dirt as a young kid, rode nothing from age 17 to 27. bought streetbike, got trained and licensed. missed getting dirty, bought a Dual Purpose and loving the dirt all over again.

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    Addicted to speed Array JHinds's Avatar
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    CBR600 & CR250R
    Started in the dirt as a kid on a 1972' suzuki trail 90, then a 94 KX-100, then at 22 got a 2002 cbr f4i, crashed it and bought a 94 CR250R and a truck to haul it....waiting till Feb/March for the next sportbike.

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    dirt pig
    Street up till all dirt
    "Shoot to thrill play to kill
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    07 KTM, 08.5 Suzuki
    I've ridden for a few years...raced 250 beginner, race 125 Novice now.

    Have my street bike liscence, I find I'm super confident when we go out on the street, and the bikes don't scare me because of racing.

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    05 CBR600RR
    I've got a class 6. But i'm not much of a dirtbiker really. I'm clueless in the dirt. I'm tryin though. And i've definetly got the bike to pose it up with! 450 EXC wooht wooht!

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    location location!
    cbr 900rr streetfighter
    Z 750 street 125r dirt, ride the dirt in the off season wait... there is no off season when you got a dirtbike fucken A

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