Video of my Thanksgiving Ride
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Thread: Video of my Thanksgiving Ride

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    Video of my Thanksgiving Ride

    I posted a video clip of my Thanksgiving ride in Quebec on
    Oct.8th/2006 on my blog.

    You will see a pic of my white VFR and my buddy's Triumph,
    underneath it you simply need to click on the title:

    Sunday Fall Ride - October

    It should launch the video right away.


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    [Shift Gear]
    Cool video, good read for the blog!

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    Part 2 still to come


    Me and my buddy had alot of fun making the video.
    That was just part1, part2 to come soon.

    Next year we will try and mount the video cam on the tank
    and do a video in the Renfrew/Calaboogie area in Ontario where the
    new race track is.

    Can't wait!


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    Ride Solo Array GSP's Avatar
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    SV track, VFR road
    That VFR is just begging for the 8 spoke wheel from a 3rd gen bike.

    "When in doubt accelerate.
    It may not help you avoid the problem,
    but it'll end the suspense."

    WMRC #96 (retired)

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    Fast Pack Slow Guy Array Tattoodles's Avatar
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    A privileged sufferer settling for an Italian motorcycle
    Worst stunting video EVAR!

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    Not sure

    Hey GSP,

    Not sure about a eight spoke wheel, but I have thinking about
    getting my wheels powder coated in black.

    Hey Tattoodles,

    Sorry no stunts from me,
    unless I blow my line in a corner and I ended up doing some
    ditch riding.
    Ha! Ha!

    Maybe next year I will have the courage to do a wheelie!

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