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    I Was There

    I work for the city of richmond, in the bylaws department. I was the first vehicle on scene and called the Ambulance and First Responders to scene via my police band radio. The injuries the rider suffered were the most horrible ive ever seen. As a rider myself i was deeply upset at the terrible pain he was suffering. Death was not quick or merciful, and the poor rider suffered. I did what i could, a nurse and another medical proffesional tried desperately to keep him breathing and to stop him from bleeding out. I have not been on this site for a while because i sold my bike, it wasnt practical and i hated riding in the lower mainland. I can just imagine the rider was like me 13 years ago, a new rider loving every minute on the road. Their but by the grace of god go I. He was 20.... no offense to anyone but still a baby really, so much ahead of him. If there is one lesson i can convey its this:


    I know, its not cool on the cruiser ect.. but ive worn a full face on a cruiser and its fine. The young lad that died on friday was wearing a half helmet, (not a beanie) and his face took the brunt of the collision. I dont know if he'd still be alive if he was wearing a full face, but i'd guess that he would be. As you can see by the time i wrote this that im not sleeping, i havent been able to sleep normally since the accident. Now im thinking of selling my great top quality gear, as i may never ride again.
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    Sorry to hear that your having a hard time dealing with it , as with most people/ riders would . Watching something like that can change the way you think , i would get a hold of your employer or icbc and see if there someone you can talk to about it. Lots of nice people in here that have gone through the same sort of thing ,I know they would help , It takes a brave person to be there in the end and do what needs to be done . Sorry that the out come was a bad one , by doing the right thing you should know that you people where there being the little bit of comfort he needed , what ever you do try not to keep it inside , lots of good people to talk to . sorry again . ps don't sell your stuff, riding is just to much fun i have been riding for 32 years and having more fun all the time , take care .

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    I am sure having to see what you did on Friday was devastasting, and even more so being a rider yourself.

    This accident may be enough for you to hang up your gear and never ride, but I suggest you wait awhile to make that decision. Maybe just winterize your bike for now and place your gear out of sight. Next year, when it gets warm and you see all the riders out there again, you may have second thoughts. But you won't know until you can clear your head from the trauma of seeing the accident.

    I want to personally thank you for stopping to help and subjecting yourself to such a duty of consoling the rider and trying to keep him alive, or at least comfortable. After my husbands accident, I have a new found respect for the few people who do this.

    I would suggest seeking counselling for this. And if you work for the city, you can usually get free counselling through your employee assistance programs.

    If not, please know you can PM me anytime and I can connect you with the close friends of mine who were there in the last minutes of Rick's accident.

    Try and get some sleep !

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    No one should have to see what you saw. I admire the amount of courage it took you to take control of that situation. Good on you. I agree with Rachel that you should winterize and take a fresh look at it in the new year.

    If the rider was wearing a full face helmut would he have survived?

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    I'm glad there's people like you out there. In my opinion you are a true hero, and I applaude your efforts. Thank you for your effort. It gets easier, after time. I didn't sleep for a while after watching my friend pass away. It changed how I ride, it changes everything. I could never give it up, but I thought about it, hard.

    RIP cruiser rider. My thoughts are with you.
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    Take solace in the fact that you did everything you could. Everything else was beyond your control. Seek help if your sleeping patterns don't return to normal within a few days.
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    Thanks for the post...hearing first hand accounts like this are sometimes the best ways to gain perspective on something. Sad to hear that the rider did not survive, and did not pass quickly. Props to you for doing all you could. My hat goes off to all emergency service personnel.
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    Wow, thanks for talking, I have seen alot of bad things but yeah, dont' give up riding.
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    Blade, you're a victim of vicarious trauma, please seek some help/counselling. If you're employer doesn't have an EAP program call 911 and ask for victim services, they have counsellors on staff to help with this.

    It's unfortunate that you had to witness this and at the same time I can appreciate your attempts to help; it must have been difficult.

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    The only thing worse than going down is being the first (or next) person on-scene at a crash site. I've been there and recommend you follow the advice (of seeking professional help of some sort). After every RIP thread I generally don't sleep all the way through the night for weeks later... which is actually a great step forward from where I once was.

    And of course: RIP Rider
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    props to you for trying to provide comfort and assist in any ways possible thru their last moments. talk it out with someone - and give the riding decision some time.in time things will get better. you know that this community is here for you!
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    It pains me to hear that's how he went. I'd heard the rumours that he died instantly, and I'd heard the rumours he died in hospital, and I was hoping to God that the former was true.

    But, while it may not provide much in terms of comfort, please, don't give up riding. It'd be the last thing Jason would've wanted; for someone to give up something he himself loved so completely on his account.

    Thank you for being there in those precious moments; it means a lot.

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    Thanks. Can't think of a good reason. Just thanks.

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    If you need some one to talk to, send me a pm, and I will give you my #. Yiu can call me anytime. reach out for help now, as you truly deserve all the support you can get. I had tons of support from everyone on BCSB when I was going through the first on the scene of an accident role.


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    peer support or some sort of counselling would help
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