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    PNE Fright night... totallyl awesome

    Anyone go to Playland’s Halloween Fright Night? I went this year and it was fantasic! I’m not a fan of roller coasters but for 15 bucks (corp discount) on sundays, you get to go enjoy the short line ups with no kids, no mom and dads with strollers. Most importantly, it was the haunted houses that did it for me.

    There were 4 haunted houses you would walk thru and one you sit in a cart. There were two haunted houses where you were able to walk thru with 3D glasses and when you walk in, the colors and the paintings on the walls made me feel the walls were moving. Visually it was already scary esp. when you’re disoriented by loud noises and flash lights and all other special effect. But when you add a few real actors/actresses, it was urberly pee in your pants fantastic. They pretty much replaced all of the monsters with human actors. There would be at least 10 actors popping out of cages, jumping out from closets and crawling out from briefcases. Even when you get a warning: “Please do not touch the props or the actors. They will not touch you.” You still get scared when they jump in your face, point blank. We had 2 guys and 6 girls and even when my gf closing her eyes hands around my wasit, these actors would whisper in my gf’s ears “I know you can see me, I know you are scared”. Hey, you can’t cover your eyes and ears at the same time trying to hold on to your bf in front right? It was great.

    You see the odd staff dressed up with masks and costumes walking around, so we didnn’t pay too much attention since there were any WOW factor. Then there was this werewolf. Initially, it was a “oh-you’re-a-werewolf” moment, but when this werewolf started to follow us and began to circles us, we thought, 'we get the point, you’re a werewolf HA-HA, you’re trying too hard'. The moment we ignored the werewolf and walk passed it, somewhere, somehow, he pulls out a chainsaw, reving it “BRA BRAAA BRAAAAAAAAA” chasing after us. Let’s just say I was running and screaming like a school girl. I know I must have pushed and trampled over 10 people along the way.
    Best experience at Playland for fright night. Highly recommended!!!
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    aww this is the first year i'm not gonna be able to make it... but last year was a blast and the year before. went out with a crew from work and got 'buzzed' by the guy wielding the chainsaw upon coming out of a haunted house. he stuck it right up against my back which totally surprised me becuase i can only survive going to fright night on the rule that they cannot touch fair-goers. anyways long story short he scared the bejeezus out of me and my friend and i ended up running backwards and falling into a huuuge flowerpot and laughing our asses off for several minutes afterwards, unable to catch a breath or get out of the pot lol. good times.
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    I wonder if this has ever happened to any of the actors there....
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    Lion's Gate Studios out in Burnaby by Boundary and the Lougheed Highway should have their Halloween "haunted house" set up in a few days. The people who worked on some shows like Stargate are involved in this.

    Last year was a success for them and they sold out of tickets quite quickly so keep an eye out for any announcements.

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    I got sucked into going last year. I spend an average of 30 to 45 minutes waiting in line for each ride and haunted house, only to be mildly amused. the only highlight of the evening was seeing the "actor" with the chainsaw catch shit from the PNE manager for chasing people around relentlessly.

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    Some long waits for sure but still worth it. The key to the whole thing is not going on the last Friday before Halloween. Go earlier.

    My favourite moment from last year's: at the very end of one haunted house was one guy in a cage who, when I first saw him, casually and softly said "boo, haha got you"; so I thought OK he's had a long night and just relaxed, but when I was right beside him, he screamed at the top of his lungs and reached out of the cage with a giant hand "AAAAhhh I'm gonna rip your head off!!" I was scared shitless. My then girlfriend jumped sideways and hit a wall. Awesome!

    Werewolf chainsaw dude kicks ass too. If I was him I'd be popping out of concession stands, ticket booths. I want to see someone actually piss in their pants. Isn't that what Halloween's supposed to be about?

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