Congrats to Mike AKA: CG
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Thread: Congrats to Mike AKA: CG

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    Congrats to Mike AKA: CG

    Congrats Mike! You made the main page of WMRRA!

    Check it out

    #5 plate holder! I know this is a repost, but still, great job!
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    Up there with the fast guys Mike. Are you flipping the bird with your clutch hand in that pic?
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    Can you imagine what Mike is gonna do with a brand new 250 under him?
    I can. Head lines gonna read "quite wind form Canada sweeps across USA regionals"

    Mikey you got to have balls man, then shove them in their face!!!!
    Americans love that shit.

    Pss: Get a dumb ass hottie girl that gets you into a shit load of trouble!
    media loves that kinda stuff.
    When speeding run from the cops, it's a lesser infraction.

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