This is Canada DAMIT!!!
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Thread: This is Canada DAMIT!!!

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    This is Canada DAMIT!!!

    Here is my rant:

    I have been in Canada for 12 years, although I have integrated very well into Canadian society, I once thought long ago that I will never become a Canadian nor would I never wanted to become Canadian. When I first came to Canada I found the people to sleepy for my liking. I come from a country where the blood runs hot, a country that is alive in culture and people who are not scared to interact or tell people what they think about the world and about the dumb move you just did, where people dont run from comfrontations, and help others in need. But 12 years later I am a Canadian citizen and I am proud to be one, and I now understand Canadian culture alot better. But I also hate something about Canadian culture, and that is that it allows other cultures to live inside Canada like they are not part of Canada, like they could well be in a different country. Let me give you an example, today I was walking on #3 Road in Richmond and half the signs I read I could not understand. Firstly I do not speak Chinese or whatever langauge it was in, and secondly it did not have a English Translation. I got pissed!. Why the fuck is this store excluding Canadians, English/French speaking and including only their own culture, and ethnicities? Its almost like they are living in their own country and not Canada. This shit should not be allowed, when I first came to Canada and I knew almost no English, and the only friend i had at school was my brother, whenever we talked in our own language we were yelled at and told to speak only English, and why not? But when I was in highschool teachers were scared to say anything to the asian kids who only spoke Chinese. I feel like an outsider some places I go, it is just too strange, When i go to "asian" malls it feels like people are eying me like I dont belong there, I feel like an outsider in my own country, and it really bugs me.

    Another thing that bugs me is people who do not integrate into this society. Like muslim women who still wear those fucken space suits or whatever they are, and the men who look at young women showing some skin ass infidels. I look at cases like France that have a huge muslim minorty and I get scared for Canada and hope they dont do the same mistake. The French are pissed off at the muslims who dont want to become french becuase they harash the French. i have some family there and they tell me that muslim men i highschool threaten Christian girls and others to cover their heads, and thats the reason why European nations are trying to ban the use of religious clothing from schools, work etc.

    There is my rant,I i am not racist or anything I just think things are going to far, and Canada and the world should tell their immigrant either become part of our society or dont even come here. Even though i believe you can never make someone to give up their own culture or religion or should you they should accept that this is English/French speaking Canada, I mean I did not Immigrate to Canada to live in China.

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    So what do you want to be done?

    We can't mandate what languages people are going to speak: They tried that with French and nobody speaks it. Parts of Quebec, sure, but nobody really cares what they have to say any way.

    We also can't force people to assimilate to a "Canadian" culture. The blunt reason for this is because there isn't any such thing. A British Columbian has little beyond language in common with a person from Ontario. We don't even have the same bloody climate, how the hell can we share a culture?

    I understand where you're coming from, but really, what's the solution?
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    i have a lot to say on this subject, but the basics should be learn english or french (national languages) as well as learn to abide by canadian laws. seems fair to me and is expected when you immigrate to any other country

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    The government can make it illegal not to display signs that do not have a English translation. I mean it is illegal for product in canada not to have English AND French Translations why should not the same apply?

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    This is Canada. Pacifism seems the name of the game sometimes. I agree with your statements though.

    Try immigrating into a country like France for instance, you'd better learn french FAST or youll get NOWHERE (ask the low-wage earning Muslims who started the riots).
    Same for any of the Arab countries, I was looking at a position in the UAE and even there (the most liberal Arab state) you have to be very careful of what you say and do.
    I cant remember the name of the European country (Hungary? Poland?) but they started DISCOURAGING immigration because people didnt want to assimilate.

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    'king right. If i was to move to another country, i'd have to learn the language. I wouldn't expect the entire country to learn english, or change culture just for me.

    It's funny, cos i knew you were going to mention Richmond before you even said it .....
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    Welcome to Canada the land of Pacificst. We let the government walk all over us.

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    For the most part, I think most businesses do have signs in both English and whatever language they want to use. However, if the store caters mostly to a certain ethnic group, that particular ethnic group's own language is often significantly bigger than the English portion of the sign.

    Here in BC, I think the law (or by-laws) already requires signages to have at least an English portion of the store name, and in Quebec, the French name must be bigger than the English or whatever language the name is by a certain amount. Obviously, not every store complies with the standard, but then again, just since when has every law been obeyed to the letter?

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    maybe we should all live in teepees and hunt for living, like natives did when whitey came over ...

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    its called advancement buddy. By your way of thinking we should all be throwing our human waste out our windows that because thats what "whitey" did back in the day when they first came to Canada.

    I am not racist I LOVE Japanese girls, hence my Avatar.

    Edit: You think the French are not different ethnicities in one? They are German and Italian, but they are still French because they all speak the same language, and have same culture and they dont consider themselves German or Italian. What about every other Canadian out there? We are all from somewhere, and we all integrated, I just dont understand why we are allowing some people not to integrate. If a part of the population has their own news papers, have thier own banks, their own T.V stations and radio stations their own shops there is no reason for them to integrate and they can for the most part live in this country without the need to integrate
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    This is just as much a problem in the USA too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barking pumpkin View Post
    This is just as much a problem in the USA too.
    And a few countries in Europe

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    I think you were looking for the USA man.

    Canada is a 'cultural mosaic', the US is a 'cultural melting pot'.

    I do agree that it's a bit overboard at times, but I welcome all immigrants (as I am just a first generation Canadian myself). Canada has too much to offer I think as far as quality living goes compared to most countries; I can't blame anyone for wanting to move, live, and make comfortable their new homeland.
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    I want to know where the hell you immigrated from?
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