Bike stolen at McNutt after rider crashes!
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Thread: Bike stolen at McNutt after rider crashes!

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    Bike stolen at McNutt after rider crashes!

    found this on Thumpertalk posted by Bonnet.

    "The end of this story is very disturbing and is this second theft incident of this sort I have heard of this year. It makes me sick!
    It is also a good reminder of the perils of riding alone. This story is from the Maple Ridge times Oct 4th.

    Bloody and toothless, with a broken leg, cracked ankle and snapped jaw, Jeff Parker slowly dragged himself up the hill.

    Close to the top, he pulled off his helmet, flung it on to the gravel road and waited patiently.

    As luck would have it, a stranger drove by, saw the tossed helmet, looked around and caught a glimpse of Parker's weak, waving hand.

    "It's the second time something scary has happened to him," said his cousin, Chris Parker.

    "I believe he's got nine lives."

    Jeff Parker had been dirt biking on a trail off 256th Street in Maple Ridge Saturday afternoon when he took a nasty tumble.

    Speaking with a broken jaw from his hospital bed, the 27-year-old mechanic told his cousin he was riding, perhaps a little fast, when he went around a curve and hit a tree.

    "The end result was a broken femur, a broken ankle. He broke his jaw in three place and lost anywhere from three to eight [bottom] teeth," said Chris Parker.

    Ridge Meadows RCMP said the accident happened five kilometres north of 256th Street at around 2:30 p.m.

    Jeff Parker tumbled 15 feet according to police and landed on rocks.

    His cellphone didn't work in the thick brush frequented by dirt bike enthusiasts.

    "He realized he better do something," said Chris Parker.

    Jeff Parker pulled himself uphill, ripped his helmet off his head and threw it on to the road.

    Randy Long saw the helmet, rescued him and called 91. Parker was airlifted to Royal Columbian Hospital and remains there, awaiting surgery this week.

    While paramedics and police attended to Parker, someone took his orange and black dirt bike.
    Ridge Meadows RCMP would have towed the bike, but were told it was going to be picked up by family.

    It was left at unattended at the crash site for about an hour.

    "You see a bike sitting there and there's blood around. You've got to be pretty low to steal it," Chris Parker said.

    "Just turn it in. Leave it somewhere. We won't ask questions."

    Parker said his cousin loves that bike.

    Caillie Kania, a friend and colleague who works with him at West Coast Toyota in Maple Ridge, said Jeff Parker spent a lot of time working on his bike.

    "He's a mechanic. He had spent a lot of money on it," she said. "It was souped up."

    • The dirt bike is 2001 orange and black, KTM 125. It is probably missing its handle bars and has a Oregon sand dunes logo on its front fender. Call the RCMP at 604-463 6251 if you see the dirt bike"
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    What a sheisty bastard

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    Don't ride alone on a souped up dirtbike going too fast around a corner and you're bike won't get stolen.

    But ya that's pretty low to steal a guy's bike like that. But hey thieves look for easy pickin's and it doesn't get much easier than when the owner is taking a helicopter ride.

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    I had a friend who recently was riding alone when shit happened. Not realize he had broken the oil line off his V-Strom he seized the motor out in the boonies. He walked the 15K the first night and slept on the side of the road. Next day he walked 20K and finally found help.

    Don't ride alone, especially out in the back country.

    What a piss off. Bad deads do not go unnoticed.

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    I hope karma bites the fucker in the ass.
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    I have in the past found an abandon dirt bike in the bush....Strawberry Island ....late in the day...hung aroung for an hour or so then loaded it up..I figured that either someone got hurt or it was stolen and either way I know that I would make the effort to get it back to it's owner....In the end it was a stolen bike that later I found out the rider did crash and got hurt so he left it there...and the owner got his bike could be the same is alot harder than you think to try to find out who owns an unregistered motorcycle...I had the bike for 2-3 weeks before the police contacted me...and the owner had reported it stolen 4 months prior....I guess it takes a while to figure out 2+2= ???since then I have always engraved my sin or driver # on all my bikes.....thats the first thing the police look for i was told....without it you are SOL with unregistered vehicals...

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