I've got a 1991 toyota extended cab 4x4 5 speed. It just had the recall (head gasket) done on the motor and toyota put in a brand new long block in it and rebuilt rebuilt the heads. I spent an extra $750 on extra parts at the time of the motor being done as it cost me no extra labour. It has a 2" body lift, new clutch(at the time of the motor), new 32" tires, and front and rear brakes. The truck has a total of 270000 kms on it and 7000 km since the motor was done. I want trade or as close to trade as possible for a sportbike. I want either a 2005 or newer 600, 2004 or newer gsxr750 or 2004 or newer 1k. I'd prefer kawi or suzuki, but honda would do. Let me know and I can email pics if there is interest. Chris, kiffy76@hotmail.com