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    it has wheels

    wheel anchors

    Well as alot of you all know theres been a few bike thefts rescentely and well i'm alittle on edge right now. I do have an alarm, chain and disklock on my bike but i keep reading about these anchors for bikes where you drive onto it and it will act like a "boot". I googles with no luck (just kept finding the hoops that screw into the ground. so i was wondering if anybody has any more info on these boot locks? mostely where i can get one.

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    do a search on this website for bikeboot or bikebrace. they are different company's selling a similar product.
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    IMHO, you've done all you can to protect your bike. The same thief who carries the tools to break through your existing protection(s) will be adequately equipped to break through one more hurdle. It seems to me you're already safe from the junior ignition-busting lock-snippers. To thwart a genuine pro thief costs thousands. If he/she wants your bike, they'll get it.

    I'm not knocking your intention or the products you speak of. I speak from experience, having been an idiot who spent thousands to successfully protect my bike... only to incur $3500 in damages to my bike when it wasn't successfully stolen and another $1200 on some of the security measures I'd bought and/or installed which were destroyed in the process.

    I've learned that the protection of one's belongings is something achieved in degrees. At some point we become over-protective and only we -individually- can choose where to draw the line. A $59 lock was the final stumbling block for my would-be bike-thief; I now wonder whether I'd have saved thousands in not trying so hard to stop him ...or whether that $59 lock was the 'final hoop' the thief just couldn't jump through after all I'd already put in his way [?].

    Wherever you 'stop' in your attempts to keep your belongings safe, let it rest at that... don't sress about all the other stuff you could/might do. Just something to think about.
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    You can buy my lock if you want!



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