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Thread: Best weather ever?

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    Best weather ever?

    I've been actively avoiding rain in one form or another since 1982. Maybe I just had a banner year but I swear this has been the best riding season in 20 years as far as agreeable weather goes for BC. Starting yet ANOTHER week of sunshine today

    Do you concur? What year was better then?

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    yeah, it's been decent this summer. and fall still. the sunny days have outnumbered the rainy days so far. hope it keeps up.

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    Yup this year has been great. I remember last year being good as well.

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    Want an appliance? Buy Japanese. insurance expired last week I think I may have to bite the bullet and just plop a full year's on it today. Did not expect this weather!!

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    I feel your pain Dirtybill. Insurance expired Sept. 30. This awesome weather has me feeling a bit stupid. I've already put three day permits on her this month. That would have almost paid for another full month.
    Next year, April to November.
    Of course, now it's going to rain next year!
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    I've put 2100 k on in the last week.

    I think this is one of my favorite times of year. Not too hot, not too cold (during the day), the fall colors are great when you have to back off due to damp roads/cold tires. Tourists have gone home leaving my favorite roads uncluttered............. what am I doing in front of this box? See ya after dark.
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    next year I'll be feeling out the weather as it goes and just not by when the insurance expires!
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