Hey - Got a used Starchoice satellite system from my parents, and tried to get it hooked up yesterday. Got all the wires run, and box installed, but cannot seem to dial-in the satellite signal.

Couple of Questions:

- Is it simply too rainy/cloudy to get a signal?

- There is also a tree that is kinda in the way, but not really too bad. How big a deal are trees to receiving the signal?

- How small is the 'sweet-spot' for the signal? Is it difficult to get in the ball park, or is it very easy, and I am just not getting a signal received?

- The red 'dish' light is illuminated on the main controller box. Does that mean it cannot connect to the dish, or is simply not receiving the signal?

- I have a 'P.I.N' number as well - do I have to enter that BEFORE I can get a signal?

I don't have an instruction guide, and I haven't found very much on-line yet, though I haven't looked too hard either. It may be a weather related issue, so I don't want to waste my time standing on the roof this evening in the rain if I have no hope of getting a signal.

Just wondering if anyone out there has any quick easy advise to get it working?! - thanks!