Who's at fault? — Examples of crashes and fault
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Thread: Who's at fault? — Examples of crashes and fault

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    Who's at fault? — Examples of crashes and fault

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    that was a really useful find thanks man...alot of it is common sense
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    My bike doesn't have hazards so how could I stop on the bridge. Damm cagers get the brake.

    Baker v. Cade
    In the case of a rear-end collision, the following driver has to show he was not at fault. In British Columbia Supreme Court case of Baker v. Cade, [1999] BCJ 239, a driver suffered a panic attack while crossing the Mission Bridge. She stopped in the outside traffic lane near the middle of the span with her hazard lights on. There were signs indicating it was illegal to do this. The driver directly behind her also stopped, but without his hazard lights on. A motorcyclist, with his wife as a passenger, came up the ramp and collided with the second vehicle.

    The judge said the driver who had the panic attack was not at fault, since she had never experienced a panic attack of that strength before. She acted responsibly under the circumstances. The second driver, the judge said, should have put on his hazard lights. However, it was the job of the driver who rear-ended the second vehicle to prove that the collision was not his fault. Here, the motorcyclist failed to do so. There was nothing in the evidence to show that something was obstructing his view or that he could not have turned into the other lane. The motorcyclist was found to be 100 per cent at fault.

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    What? You mean I don't have the god given right to slam into anything that dares hinder my passage? I must write the queen about this!

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    THAT happened to me. I hope they find the fucker. Hit and run cowardly piece of shit.
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