Can you draw in Anime?
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Thread: Can you draw in Anime?

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    Can you draw in Anime?

    Hello, I am looking for someone to do up a drawing in anime of my wife with her NSR250sp for a xmas present.
    I already paid a fellow from Saskatoon named Trevor Leblond in advance to do it. He drew up a nice sketch with no color and we made a couple mods to it and it looked great, I was waiting for him to finish it, that was about 4 months ago, and I havent heard from him since and he doesnt answer my emails.
    So if there is anyone out there who can help me out, please send me an email.
    I was hoping for you (the artist) to take the picture I have like the one below (I have others in different poses/angles) and do the bike and her in anime. Of course making her look cuter, with a nice tight suit wrapped around her larger breasts and slimmer figure. But it would still obviously have to be her in the picture.
    There are many different styles/types of anime, I dont know what they are all called, but if you look in the picture attached, this is one of styles I like best.
    But I am open, as I dont really know much about all the different styles.

    Wayne Little
    Hinton AB

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    I could do this quite easily, used to do alot of anime and traditional Japanese art in addition to all my current motorcycle art.

    Check out my website for some samples
    Portfolio Site:

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    He does good work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PressurePoint View Post

    He does good work.
    ditto +1

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    Hey talk to crass tengu on this site, I think he draws or something.
    Too sexy for this forum.

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