the coolest place in the world!!!
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Thread: the coolest place in the world!!!

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    the coolest place in the world!!!

    okay, maybe not the absoute coolest but pretty damn sweet none the less.
    I'm sitting in a brand new internet cafe (different from the one i was in last time) just outside of Tokyo. Actually I'm reclining in a massage chair as I surf the web on a brand new computer in my own little cubicle that has a PS2 console, a TV for the DVD and VHS library at my disposal, a library of the latest and classic Japanese Comics and Porn.
    After i get bored here, i will casually stroll over to the FOOT BATHs and bath my weary feet, and then maybe take a shower too in the shower room If i want i will proceed to the complimentary beverages bar or order myself a pitcher of beer along with some tempura or some other Japanese treat. If i get sleepy i will grab a pillow and blanket from the linen shelves and take a nap on another, more luxurious massage chair cause I can stay here 24hrs a day with no questions asked.
    And how much does this luxurious getaway cost me, you ask? About $16 CAD for SIX HOURS!!!!
    Open 24/7, of course. But i'm tense from all this typing now, so i will retire to my massage chair. Ta ta!

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    hehehehehe j/k
    Ass, Gas, or Grass. Nobody rides for free.

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    Hey do me a favour try and find a long twisty back country road in Tokyo to take a nice twisty ride on. Oh you cant your stuck in a city probably riding a scooter,,,,,,,,, well at least its got 2 wheels.

    More Saki Please

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    Where EXACTLY is this place? A buddy of mine is there right now, from whom I just got an e-mail saying how expensive internet cafe rates are.

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    You Jammy Git you must have stumbled on the only cheap entertainment in Tokyo!
    Get yourself up to Ueno. About a 40 min train ride from downtown Tokyo, and take in all the motorcycle accessory shops right near the station.
    If you can't buy it there it doesn't exist !!!

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    You BASTARD!!!

    not j/ I envy right now as I ignore my instructor in class and surf the net...

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    Shooter, the cafe is in Machida, on the Odakyu Subway line. It's about 45 minutes from Shinjuku Station, which is on the major Yamanote Line. (Your friend should know the Yamanote line if he's in Tokyo, its the circular JR line that connects to all the other lines) A cheap internet cafe chain is called "Bagus" and they are open 24/7 and costs about 400yen per hour with complimentary drinks and what not. Bagus locations are never on the ground floor, usually 3rd or 4th floor up, and have huge yellow signs with Bagus being the only English word on it. If your friend speaks Japanese he should have no prob finding a location. If your friend is in Tokyo proper, there is another Bagus location I know of in Shibuya, also a major station on the Yamanote line and is much closer to the Tokyo Station.

    Mechanic, i've been to Ueno already, thanks.

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