What makes you happy?
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Thread: What makes you happy?

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    Talking What makes you happy?

    Floman's thread was definitely therapeutic...but what is also therapeutic is marveling at the happy things in life! I'll start...

    Random things that make me happy

    -martial arts movies (esp Jet Li and Mortal Kombat!)
    -guys with long, pretty eyelashes
    -driving my car with the top down and ending up with a fro
    -Greek, Italian, and microwave food
    -baby sized Nikes
    -the smell of chlorine from swimming pools
    -the perfect pair of jeans
    -sleeping more than my usual four hours a night
    -music, all kinds
    -thunderstorms, or when it's sunny and raining at the same time
    -dreaming about the day I get a bike *sigh*

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    This is bat country... Array The_Wedge's Avatar
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    In between bikes
    chicks that ride bikes...

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    (related to my other post) people who actually signal when lane changing or making a turn.

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    i have long pretty eyelashes :P

    wanna see? lol

    women on bikes deffinatly
    a lot of nature stuff (sunrises fog etc etc etc)
    that perfect carve on yer board
    steppenwolf - magic carpet ride
    comming home from a hardcore ride with no scares

    uhm, buncha other stuff

    oh and lets not forget,
    turbulence free flying.

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    השטן שב
    Happiness? A rarity, but these are some of the things can aid it's arrival:

    Seeing the steam rise as dawns earliest light warms the gentle earth.
    A warm summers night, a cool breeze that brings a certain energy in the air - and the feelings of possibilities and freedoms that follow.
    Time spent in the prescence of beauty.
    "I dread beyond all else the growth of the petty tyranny of restrictive legislation, the transference of disciplinary authority from the judiciary to the constabulary, the abandonment of every constitutional safeguard of individual liberty."

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    It's red
    A sunny day, good friends and an empty twisty road to ride.

    Also beer.
    Groovy baby

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    The Island
    Excessive Speed
    Chicks in rubber
    Feta cheese
    Getting enough sleep

    If I have a day with those 5 things I dig it.

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    I'm not telling, but Atom isn't allowed near it.
    Lots of things make me happy:

    - My wife.
    - Throwing my bike around a long twisty, car-less road.
    - Warm slightly rainy days, the kind you walk outside in a t-shirt.
    - 5am Coffee brewed over a camp fire, it just tastes better.
    - A good workout at the Gym.
    - Food (too much to list), if it's yummy in my tummy, I'm happy.
    - The smell of burnt cordite (don't ask.. I'm weird)


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    Originally posted by redDevil
    A sunny day, good friends and an empty twisty road to ride.

    Also beer.
    I'm with Rob.

    To that I'd like to add...seeing family or friends that I haven't seen in a particularly long time.

    And conversations with close friends after having 10 or 11 drinks.
    Maybe Mediocre
    BCSB - I hate you

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    1. washing/waxing my bike and car
    2. snowboarding/riding with no body in my path
    3. do 360 jumps, halfpipe, stoppie and wheelie freely (haven't done any yet!)
    4. seeing 110lbs on the weight scale in fitness world (haven't happened for a while)
    5. getting accepted to med school of my dream (hopefully will happen next year)
    6. new episodes of friends, trading spaces, medical detective, and secret of forensic science
    7. a good and funny movie
    8.....the list goes on!

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    hum....... what make's me happy?????


    HOT SEX and COLD BEER!!!!

    can't forget about riding......

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    The Island
    I'm quite certain bender said cold sex and hot beer when I asked him...

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    750, 600, 400
    -open, well-paved, twisty roads
    -girls on bikes
    -fresh virgin powder/back country riding
    -well executed wheelie/endo
    -good weather
    -drinking with friends/good friends in general
    -video games
    -free money

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    Angel Girl
    Definately sitting at my computer, eating popcorn with Dekman & BCSB!! And ganging up on people who can't take a joke on this site!!!!
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    1. SLEEP
    2. Taking nice hot baths
    3. Looking through my car window and not noticing its there, cus its sooo clean!

    ...and just observing the simple details everyday, from the way my bf looks with his glasses on in front of his computer...to the way my hamsters sit there cleaning themselves when they're awake...

    OH yes...105lbs on the scale for me....but im a long long ways off.

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