PCIII or not?
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Thread: PCIII or not?

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    PCIII or not?

    I have heard from the dyno guys that "what you need is a PC3 USB and we can get more HP". from what have I read that seems like everyone has one except me. But I have also heard neg feedbacks that is is just a crock. better to just ride stock and spend $$ in susp. Since I added my pipe I get decel popping and heard that PC3 will fix that as well as add power/fuel mileage. By adding a K&N will lean it out even more. For nearly $400 is it really worth getting? Pos/neg thoughts appreciated.

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    yeah the pcIII will not add horsepower but it does make your bike more consistant.accel and throttle response. not a bad buy at all. it will change your power curve but usually does not give you more top end horsepower but bottom end all the way way up to peak usually shows consistant gains. it will make your pipe work better but not sure if it will completely get rid of the decel poppng. definately worth it plus if you do anything else to your bike real easy to tune. i would get it if it was me, also the ignition commander works wonders on the pcIII too.

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    Power Commanders are the real deal. The biggest plus is the ability to take fuel away instead of just adding like some other black boxes. The factory has the bike running at a less than optimal setting to pass emissions so the PC smooths out the dips and valleys. The downloadable maps on Dyno-Jet's site are normally very good, and of course you can go all the way and pop for the dyno time to tune the bike. There are a few guys in the area who have the tuning software but it's good to find one familar with the quirks of your bike.

    Other random tips, get one that's USB, older 9-pin ones are for sale used but laptops for tuning are getting scarcer with 9-pin.

    Make sure it's grounded to the battery!

    Do not button tune once it's hooked up. The plus/minus is not consistant so if you add 2 and don't like it and minus 2 you won't be back to where you started, and of course if you swap or download the map the button tuning isn't saved.

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    I added a PCIII USB to my CBR600 after a few months of running a Jardine RT-1 s/o. I didn't realise how bad the bike was running until i added it. Installed the map from the dynojet website - all of a sudden the bike is smooth at low speed, and acceleration pinging was gone totally. If you're running anything than stock exhaust, it's totally worth it. I picked mine up brand new on ebay for 300 bucks canadian after shipping. Shop around.
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    Plain and simple, you will not be able to take full advantage of mods without being able to modify your fuel map. To see the full potential, have your bike tuned on a dyno. I have a PC IIIr (non-USB) on my bike.
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    have you removed the PAIR gear? I hear that will reduce decl. popping.
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