Hey everyone, I am a member of the basketball team at Douglas College, and every year, the school puts on a wine tasting event with a silent auction. All the money from any ticket sales are matched by the school, so whatever money is raised essentially gets doubled, and whatever money each program brings in, they get a good portion of it.

Tckets are $55, there are i believe over 50 different wines, plus a large selection of scotch. As for the silent auctions, there are a whole wack of things up for grabs, including three nights at SunPeaks, a round trip anywhere in Canada from WestJet, four rounds or golf at Westwood Plateau, and spend a morning with The Beat 94.5 morning crew.

This is by far our athletic program's biggest fundraiser. It is being held this year in the Atrium at the Douglas College David Lam campus in Coquitlam on this coming friday, November 17th.

If you have any questions or are interested in going, feel free to call me, Geoff, 778-228-0649, or PM me, and I will respond as quickly as i can as tickets need to be confirmed by Wednesday.