Ralphy for the emperor of the universe.
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Thread: Ralphy for the emperor of the universe.

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    Ralphy for the emperor of the universe.

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    yeah that was so sweet stupid Belinda
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    Pure gold. She deserves it.
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    Thats funny shit. Gotta love You Tube.

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    Ralph is the man!

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    I think I am on Belinda's side here. The Conservatives are pretty hypocritical over the whole situation of her crossing the floor (David Emerson, anyone?). I think she's pretty ruthless to ditch her boyfriend that way - that's sorta hot. Of course she probably did Tie Domi (blech!). That'd put anyone off.

    I do think that our elected politicians come off looking like small-town ass-clowns when they stoop to cheap shots. I guess I'd rather admire them for their poise and dignity then tune into the comedy channel on amateur night to see them.
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