2 guys from my old high school hitching rides around 50 states in 50 days
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Thread: 2 guys from my old high school hitching rides around 50 states in 50 days

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    2 guys from my old high school hitching rides around 50 states in 50 days

    These guys went to Port Moody Senior, and are traveling all around the US in 50 days. No money spent on transportation, strictly hitchhiking and people offering to take them to the next state. I saw them on cnn a while back when they were in NY. I thought it was pretty funny, and pretty cool what there doing. they actually have a website tracking there progress:


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    that's pretty cool man good for them
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    Wonder why they chose this time of year?
    Big ups to them because it's uber cool!
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    thats dope major props
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    Well good luck with that.
    I know that it takes 3 DAYS to drive across the great state of TEXASS....

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    Never had the balls to travel that way. Maybe I watched too many Chainsaw Massacre movies....

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    I picked up some hitchhikers once in the U.S......here check it out

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