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    disk salvage ?

    i have a disk whith a lot of bike info and pictures that i saved from my crapped out puter before i tossed it .But when i load the disk it says there is nothing on it ,BUt if you look at the surface it shows that it has been burned .is there any way of retrieving this info ? i erased it from my old hard disk is there any way its still on there ?

    i think im bojangled here

    ,,puter techs any thing to tell me other than ,,"your fuked "

    thanks in advance

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    you can get an undelete program to try to recover stuff on your hard disk. this works if the old area where the pictures were has not been overwritten by new data

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    try different disk drives, try the burner you used to burn the disk in the first place.
    Sometimes a disk will not read on one, but will on another.

    Other than that, have you left the disk in sunlight or sort of lying around for a while?

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    thanks for the advice ,

    no the disk was not exposed to anything ,it was basically burned to disk ,shut down old computer and tried to load it on my new puter and no good ,Old puter OS was screwed and wouldnt reboot ,Its got a ton of irreplaceable pics so whatever i gotta do to get it back ..

    can i remove the old burner and hard drive and try it on a diff puter ?


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    You don't need to remove the hard drive, just the old burner. Plus sometimes people think that they burned stuff but in reality they just "tested" the burn. I've done it myself a few times. But if you are sure that what you see is "burn" mark, then your best bet is to try the original burner if that fails give it to me and i'll get it off it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Val_0 View Post
    if that fails give it to me and i'll get it off it.
    pervert !

    it was a clean blank disk and after it was burned it had the burn on the back from the center to about 1/4 inch from the end,... so something happend ,wether there is read-able info actually on there is a diff question .

    at least it sounds like i have options .


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    If other CDrom drives can't read your burned CD, then your best bet is to recover from the original hard drive.
    I've bought data recovery software in the past, and it didn't work worth a crap.
    I found this utility that is really simple and works well for data recovery.

    Written by a bunch of Ruskies I think.

    Check this, comrade!


    They have a 30 day trial for their latest version, or you can download their original freeware version here:

    (right-clicky, save Target as)
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