All My Party Gear Must Go!!!!
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Thread: All My Party Gear Must Go!!!!

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    All My Party Gear Must Go!!!!

    OK Well, the time has come to sell my gear.....Damn im gonna miss this stuff...this is all top of the line....Same gear used in school dances and other such events...please call 798-8993 for more info or email

    My Photobucket wont upload the pics so i can email them to you i also have a video of the mushroom light to if you want

    I have up for sale
    -Magnum 550 Smoke machine--$159.00---Perfect for any house..this machine will fill your room in 30 secs its amazing for such a small one. Come with half full bottle Fluid which will last you for a long time...It has push botton remote...and seperat unit can be bought if u want to hook it up to your computer

    -Twin ballast Black light-$125.00--just your basic black light but supersized...keep it away from your gf dont wanna find whats on there!!!

    -Chauvet Mushroom light-$200--just replaced bulb...Will turn to beat or preset timiming...this thing is pimp...definlty a must...poor mans laser show...

    -8"MTX thunder sereies 600watt Sub in box--$100---

    If you buy all this stuff i thow in a strobe light to....

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    i throw in free strobe lights someone buys this stuff

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