Idiot and twisties...
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Thread: Idiot and twisties...

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    Idiot and twisties...

    this is some funny shit, check out the rookie with his awesome bike do a pass on a twisty road...classic dumb ass move.

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    I hadn't seen it before. And it's pretty funny, up until they decide to take off.

    "oh, god, they're going to beat our asses!"

    Whoever had the camera is an idiot for not stopping to help. That car (or was it a minivan?) may have been the best way to get an injured rider to the nearest town... Assuming someone there knew anything about transporting injured people.
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    It's sad to see a bike go into the rhubarb.....and his friend target fixated and just about joined him.....

    To the passenger in the vehicle doing the camera work screaming "why did he do that".... well um... cause it's a big heavy pig and he "F#$ked up"..... and " rear brake syndrome" and "not turning syndrome" and I am sure 'Target fixation syndrome' didn't help either and on and on and on......

    The lessons in this vid abound.....
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    Repost from long ago.
    Maybe your getting old and forgetting things.
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    ^^^ Thats awesome.
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