Unimaginative, American Justice.
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Thread: Unimaginative, American Justice.

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    Unimaginative, American Justice.

    US Soldier Sentenced to 90 Years in Iraq Rape, Murder Case
    A US soldier has been sentenced to ninety years in prison for his role in the rape of an Iraqi girl and the killing of her and her family. The soldier, Specialist James Barker, was sentenced one day after pleading guilty and agreeing to testify against four other suspects. Barker has admitted he raped the girl -- Abeer Kassem Hamza al-Janabi – while her parents and five-year old sister were herded into an adjoining room of their home and shot dead. Two other suspects –former soldier Steven Green and Sgt. Paul Cortez – raped Abeer before shooting her and burning her body in an effort to cover up their crime. At his hearing Thursday, Barker wept as he delivered a statement to the court. Barker said: "I want the people of Iraq to know that I did not go there to do the terrible things that I did. I do not ask anyone to forgive me today." Barker will be eligible for parole after twenty years.

    I would have allowed that family's friends and relatives elect/hire a small gang to rape that punk's asshole until they felt satisfied, then execute him and light his corpse on fire. Or burn him while's he's still got a little life in 'im, depending on what the cornier concluded. Now that's fucking eye-for-an-eye justice. I thought the Americans were big on that? What's the deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by borderline View Post
    good thing it didnt happen in canada he would have been on parole in 5 years

    going by 'our' ideal justice system, he got a small portion of what he derserved, which is rare.

    but, agreed, he should have gotten torture before death, but I figure anyone like that anywhere should get it, regardless of who/where/when
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    Fuck jail time! Send that piece of human waste back to Iraq and let *them* serve justice on him.
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