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    Borderline Cycle

    Borderline cycle will be closed for new projects until MID Jan .At the moment i have changed locations (Ph # s the same) and i am still in the construction process and completing a specific project bike.

    After it re-opens the focus will be on quality ,improve turnaround times and customer service,Ive learned a lot this year and hope to re-vamp and have a total service makeover.

    The new shop is a bit more focused and in a more comfortable environment ,so it will be more of a pick up /drop off service and i will offer a re-re service at your home and convenience .

    The new format will be more focused on complete bike projects and full paints with a small amount of stock repair ,more to the full customizing side of things.

    I'm scaling back the amount of work taken on at one time, as to not create an overbooking or backlog .

    BY appointment only

    see you in the new year .thank you

    My website will reflect the changes soon .
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