Bike for the north and long distance??
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Thread: Bike for the north and long distance??

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    Bike for the north and long distance??

    Ok...l am looking for a bike that I will have mainly on the road and some off road for when I want to go fly fishing. Currently the KLR650 is good but I am finding it is "winding out" on the highways up north where I reside and would prefer a bike that I can use in both situations comfortably. The general speeds on the roads around here for the traffic is around 110 to 120 kms. I am forever being tailgated even by the big very frustrating. I am also looking at going on a long distance ride towards Florida and need a bike that will do well in that situation also. The bikes I have been looking at is the BMW F650 GS Dakar. My concern with this bike is the "winding out" on the highways. The other one I was looking at was the BMW R1200 GS...concerned that this bike may possibly be too heavy of a bike for me to handle. I am experienced but not a seasoned rider. I also have been looking at the Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS the touring bike.

    If anyone can give me the feedback and opinions I need it would be greatly appreciated. One more thing...what is the DucatiM695 equivalent to in the bike world?? Thanks!!

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    Check out this website as well. Good luck!

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    Where are you?

    I had an 1150GS when I lived in Fort St John. Great bike for the roads up there, but the unpaved roads get slippery when wet, and the GS could be a handful. I didn't have any problems, but depending on where you are, BMW/Ducati service is going to be a long way away. The 1150/1200GS bikes are easy to work on (ie. valve adjustments), but the other stuff might be a challenge for a local mechanic.

    The F650GS is probably nicer than the KLR on the highway and as a fairly conventional bike (for a BMW) probably wouldn't lead to service headaches. But for the long distances one tends to travel on pavement to get anywhere up north, I'd prefer to have something more road-focused. I'd consider the VStrom 650 (or even the 1000). They are ugly, but they're good value for the $$, and there are many accessories available.

    I'd look at the 1200GS or KTM 950 if money wasn't an object, but that's just me.

    Go here for more info on the kind of bike/rides you're interested in:

    Good luck
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    I would recommend the V-Strom 650. I have had a KLR and then a couple of litre class sport bikes before gettng the Strom. The V-Strom is great for general street/highway use and can manage most unpaved roads. It is however NOT a trail bike...

    Great luggage and accessory options, good reliability and excellent dealer network.

    As said by others, check out and

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