THE most embarrassing place to drop..
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Thread: THE most embarrassing place to drop..

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    THE most embarrassing place to drop..

    most embarrassing place to drop you're bike?

    Injured HPD motorcycle officers transported to hospital

    City paramedics and others assisted HPD motorcycle officers involved in a crash alongside the Bush motorcade.
    BRUCE ASATO I The Honolulu Advertiser

    Three Honolulu Police Department motorcycle officers escorting President George W. Bush to Hickam Air Force Base crashed alongside the motorcade at about 7:10 a.m on the base entry road.

    City Emergency Services transported two of the officers to The Queen's Medical Center — a 30-year-old officer is reported to be in serious condition, and a 36-year-old officer is in stable condition. Hickam emergency medical services personnel also transported a third individual to the medical center.

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    somethin somethin somethin
    musta been showin off for some of them Hawaaiin chicks in the grass skirts!!
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    sold :/

    just wow

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    I think the most embarrassing place to crash would be right outside the dealership after you've just bought the bike.

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    Some one probably gave Bush a water gun to keep him entertained and he decided to play target practice with the "purty bikes".
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    lol omg hahhaha that must have really sucked

    hahah i wonder if he got to keep his job lol
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    They were probably riding side by side, wearing open-faced helmets and short-sleeved shirts. You know, the usual safety-conscious police prescence.

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