FS: GOLF GTI MK2 *$2500* pics
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Thread: FS: GOLF GTI MK2 *$2500* pics

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    FS: GOLF GTI MK2 *$2500* pics

    Mk2 Golf GTI
    211,111 K
    aircared for 1 year
    i pay $98 insurance at 25% discount
    1.8 motor (600km per tank)
    bluish silver paint job
    5 speed
    short shifter
    92 big bumpers
    painted flares
    92 full interior
    euro grill
    tinted rear windows
    full exhaust
    14" bmw lemmerz
    panasonic cd deck w/ 10" jbls up front
    good engine
    good tires
    good brakes
    good clutch
    good electrical

    some minor things:
    -tranny takes a few days to get used too.first gear is sometimes gard to find
    -takes a couple minutes to warm up motor
    -steering wheel horn cover is missing
    -typical rust around the bottom of the car (its a 1985)

    otherwise is a great commuter car. Car has been used as a daily driver

    also comes with spare rear axle
    spare front bumper
    neuspeed strut tower bar
    and other parts



    call 604 537 1869 anytime
    leave msg ig no pick up
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