Who here studies martial arts?
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Thread: Who here studies martial arts?

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    Who here studies martial arts?

    Title says it all.
    What do you study, how long and why stick with that art?
    Myself, been in karate since I was 11 (25 now) and did three years of Brazilian jiu-jitsu a few years back.
    Just started a new style of karate (goju-ryu) and had to start at white again. Thank God I don't feel pride or mine would have been hurting.
    I love martial arts more than motorcycling and that's saying a lot. If I hadn't taken up the art, I wouldn't be in the career I do now, nor would a lot of other positive things happened to me.
    I also don't just do it for fitness or to learn how to take care of myself. For me, it's a deep spiritual commitment and one that I take very seriously. I'm sure there are others who don't feel the same way and wouldn't mind hearing why you took it up in the first place.
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    Wing Chun kung fu. Ten years. Still doing it.

    Started doing it because I was curious about it. You know, it being Bruce Lee's first art, or so the legend goes.

    Stayed in it because I was getting my ass kicked in class on a daily basis, and wanted to get better. I just wanted to get better. Getting my ass kicked was motivation to keep coming back. Maybe one day, I'd be doing the ass kicking. Still waiting for that day.

    I know what you mean about the deep, spiritual commitment. I don't know if that's how I'd describe it, but there is definitely something to why I still study it.

    Why I've stayed with this particular art? I really respect my sifu. More than that, though, I like my art's efficiency of motion. Don't have to be strong. It's a very internal art.

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    I'm not telling, but Atom isn't allowed near it.
    I've Taken:

    Shotokan Karate for a while (before and during high school).
    Judo briefly (in high school).
    Hap Do Sool briefly (end of high school).

    I never had the 'deep spiritual' connection, perhaps that's why I never stuck with one. It may have been that it was during my busy high school career (yeah right), possibly shitty teachers (hacks).

    Not that it's a martial art per se, but I've had Canadian Forces unarmed combat training since I was old enough to walk (My father was an instructor).

    So you betta watch out, step the hell down and back off before I kung fu, vulcan death grip, hiya yo ass!

    Actually, I've never really needed it for self-defence.. I usually threaten to BBQ the person and they just tend to walk away.


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    Aikido Yoshinkan here. Shodan (blackbelt - although "shodan" literally translates as "first step")

    Did karate as a kid for a few years, played with some ninjitsu, judo, and dabbled in some kung fu.. got out of the whole scene for a while, then discovered Aikido and absolutely became posessed by it. Even after all these years, it still fascinates me and drives me mad inside, certain things just defy logic. Yet I have felt them first hand, and on occasion, been able to replicate the 'magic'myself - it's such a strange feeling, when you get everything right, and are able to generate a very large output of power with minimal effort. Aikido has it's hooks in me, the kihon is burned into my body....

    And I'd also like to thank my ukemi (break falling) skills for saving me injuries in every cycle crash I've been through...hehe. all I gotta say is: 80kph crash. No leather. I do a breakfall at speed off the bike and I'm on my feet one second later, no scratches, no roadrash.

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    I've done : Shao Lin Hung Gar Kung Fu, White Crane Kung Fu and Brazilian Capoeira.

    I did Shao Lin when I was really young for about 8 years, and then did 2 or 3 years of White Crane, and then had a short stint with Capoeira.

    ShaoLin and White Crane I did cause my dad wanted me to, but I really enjoyed it, so no regrets.

    Capoeira I wanted to do because I feel it's a beautiful art and dance and gives you exceptional agility and coordination.

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    I trained in shotokan karate for a little over 3 years, reaching brown belt (1.5 kyu). I stopped for a few reasons, the biggest being a deformity in my foot that prevents my toes from bending back. I broke my big toes on several occasions because of this. It just became too painful. It also made me suck at sparring/combat, as I didn't have the reach of an effective front kick to help keep distance from my opponent.

    I've been thinking about taking up aikido, because from my understanding it doesn't involve much kicking. I do miss the training, especially now that my work is giving me so much stress. There was nothing like an hour and a half of karate to forget about work!


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    I took Tae Kwon Do & Shaolin Kung fu when I was a kid. In highschool I switched to Wing Chun & Muay Thai. Have to say Muay Thai was definately the most practical out of all four but I had the most fun with Wing Chun, especially kickin the shit out of the wooden dummy hehehehe. Too bad I stopped before I could master the 1 inch punch and properly channel my chi I also wanna learn some ground-fighting and submission moves to round out the arsenal.
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    Green belt Tae-Kwon do.
    Little bit of kick boxing for the upperbody technique.
    Hapkido for 3 months. This is one lethal martial art. It's got all the grappling for the street and also includes all the cheap moves that will allow you to take on 3 bouncers at once.

    In terms of street fighting, the only Tae-kwon do kicks that are useful are the straight front 'push' kick and the side kick. The rest just get you in trouble quick.

    Hapkido or any sort of Brazilian Jujitsu is where its at!
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    maybe, just maybe, a zx-7
    I'm 2nd degree black in Tae Kwon Do...trained for six years since i was thirteen...took some time off for UBC, then started up again...

    i really liked the TKD school i went to, we learned EVERYTHING, even though the focus was on TKD...but i must say, when it all boils down to it...grappling is the best way to go - probably the only way to go...cuz unless that first punch is a knockout, it's going to end up on the ground, and you better know what you're doing...cuz trust me...the biggest guy does NOT always win...

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    I took (SHITO-RYO) karate for a while. Learned a little bit of ground fighting. Basic boxing through some freinds that fought in the tough guy contests. I worked in the bars for 10years as a behavriel managment technician (bouncer) and some of the training sure pays off. It`s a mental thing. Use there movement against them. I remember this one guy said he was a Black belt and that he was going to kick my ass. I thanked him for the warning and he ended up being a black stain. The only time I felt helpless is when I got shot at. I guess it doesn`t really matter what you know when it comes to that.

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    I've taken a little Western boxing, Kyokushin karate and much more recently Muay Thai and "classic" Jeet kune Do. I found the karate to make for a decent workout/hobby interest but mediocre as far as actual fighting is concerned, Muay Thai and JKD are both especially formidable arts that will serve well anywhere, it's just too bad for me that I can't kick or even knee worth a damn or else I'd pursue them more closely.

    Boxing is highly underrated and misunderstood, my favorite by default as I can't use my legs anyway.

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    I did taekwondo for four years, I have a red belt...but haven't practiced for months. I used to love it but for some reason, it just lost its hold on me.

    Before taekwondo I was a competitive gymnast and I wrecked my knee and had to quit. The physiotherapist told me to avoid anything involving twisting motions on one leg. What do I do? Join taekwondo...

    My master used to train and teach in Kukkiwon in Korea at the WTF headquarters, but he brought his kids to Canada for school. He used to teach self-defence and combat to the Korean police force and army, but our school wound up being really sport-oriented....which is fine, it was fun.

    I thought it might help me take care of myself in a bad situation but I kinda figured out tkd isn't the most practical for that. Well, it kept me fit, and at least I now know how to punch properly...before I didn't even know how to do that!

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    Brown belt in Karate (that's the one before black!)...but I haven't practiced in years and years...
    Maybe Mediocre
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    Jun Fan Jeet Kun Do, did some training with Ted Wong (Bruce Lee's protege) and Arnis. I love fighting with sticks!

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    i do boxing and muay thai, plus i dabble in pankration and arnise stickfighting. if anyone is interested in sparring, im totally down. nothing serious, not looking for blood here. just a good workout.

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