Fork seal covers..?
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Thread: Fork seal covers..?

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    Question Fork seal covers..?

    Hey guys, looking at magazines I noticed that almost 100% of new bikes have fork seals covers, I mean like a piece of plastic, or a modelled front fender which seems to cover the area of the fork seals, against wind and dust maybe? Wondering if they´re really necessary in a bike. I ask because recently I had to change the seals in my 93`Katana and thses bikes don´t have those covers. mAYBE i could get some?


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    Measure the diameter of your fork tubes where you'd attach the guards, find an OEM model with a similar diameter that comes with the guards, order said guards.
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    The guards will help keep some of the road crap off of the forks. Also, rock chips can create leaks. It may help prolong the life of the seals a bit, but who really knows by how much.

    Inverted forks are almost always completely covered since they're lower and take even more road debris.


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