Damn snow!
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    Damn snow!

    So a week and a half before the snow came, my insurance ran out. Being the poor bastard I am (and chronic stupid), I didn't have the money to renew it.

    Until it snowed a foot and a half in 48 hours.

    Sammy, my poor baby, is sitting out in my backyard (covered), but not properly winterized, and I haven't had time to winterize her because it was hell week last week with school and everything. *sigh*.

    And my insurance is absolutely through the roof... $2400 for the year?! With no accidents? Jesus christ.... If I somehow scrounge out that kinda cash I may continue on with my winter riding (I did it last year!), but at the moment I'm a bus wench! Which is fine, because people in this city are absolute morons in the snow in their stupid cars... bah!

    Did we ever have a hot chicks wrap-up party?!

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    Just a little secret... it's cheaper to take the loss of your bike in the event of a crash than it is to pay comprehensive every year. You're basically paying them money so they can give you a nice check for much less than your bike is worth, then increase your rates and have you pay them back all the money they gave you 10x over.

    So lets see...

    Option 1: You pay ICBC money towards your comprehensive/collision. You don't crash your bike. Ever. You've paid them extra money for nothing.

    Option 2: You pay ICBC money towards your comprehensive/collision. You do crash your bike. You've now paid them extra money, and then paid them a lot more money for the following 6 years because they've been inconvenienced by writing you a check.

    Option 3: You only pay for basic insurance. You now pay $1200/year. Half of what you're currently paying. If, down the road, you crash your bike, you still have extra money in your pocket from not paying comprehensive/collision and can afford to have your bike fixed or buy a new one.
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    Some pretty good advice there.

    Incidentally, there's a thread that goes into a discussion on whether or not to take collision here.

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    Good posts...
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