duhamel takes a poke at mladin
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Thread: duhamel takes a poke at mladin

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    duhamel takes a poke at mladin


    "I think the traction control is something that's going to take a little while for us to get used to and to learn about," said DuHamel. "Right now it's sort of like we have to get a few tests in before we have the mapping right. It's a big step for us and not something that we can just add to the bike and start winning races. You'd have to ask the other team that used it before it was legal how long it took them to get it right, because I doubt if it was overnight."

    lol... burn


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    I love the Duhamel/Mladin rivalry. Some the best sound bites in all of sport.

    I like the one where Duhamel said something like "Ya those suzukis are pretty fast. even with all the misfires and popping midcorner, but ya they still go pretty good"

    hopefully someone can find the actual quote
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    the other team wasnt using "traction control" ... they were employing what they called "engine management"... ... Duhamel needs to get his "facts" straight

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    ahhh the poor whiney Honda guys!!
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    honda must still be stuck in their development year.

    of 2 seasons ago.

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