HOW MUCH is 99 SV650s worth?
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Thread: HOW MUCH is 99 SV650s worth?

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    HOW MUCH is 99 SV650s worth?

    Don't want to sell but have to sell cause moving, have to sell but don't know market price.

    99 Suzuki sv650s
    -no accidents
    -D&D 3 piece full exhaust systems (all chrome)
    -new Dunlop rear tire
    -full under cover kit (full fairing)
    -undertail with lights

    Let me know a reasonable price, I'll sell it to you.

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    none at the moment
    you should post pictures of the whole bike Nick cuz it's one of the most beautiful bike I've ever seen.

    I hope you can buy another one next year so we can go ride again, I'd be very dissapointed if you dont .

    where are you moving ?
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    I'm not the one to tell you what you should ask.......but i have been thinking about buying an sv for 6 months now so if you have a general idea of what you want for it let me know and i'll tell you if i can afford it.

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    Thx Nutcracker for your compliments! I know it is a nice machine, and I had just spent too much on it in the last 3-4mths.
    Too bad that I don't have digi cam or scanner. I'm sure ppl will drool if they are into SV.
    A lot of ppl have been PM'ing me and I think I'm getting a general idea of the market price but still hard to say cause of all the mods. Especially when the hugger is not even install or drilled, F/S D&D is only 4 mths old, Rear tire just broke-in, Fender kit, Xenon bulbs, flush mount just August,02
    For those that are interested in my bike, email me
    we could arrange time/date to see or test ride. By then, I'll have the price ready.

    Thanks guys!

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    If you ride past my place I'll take a couple of digital pictures of it for ya.
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    it is a pretty sweet bike from what i remember.

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