Any Fellow welders on this site
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Thread: Any Fellow welders on this site

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    Any Fellow welders on this site

    Just wondering if there were any other riders on this site that weld for a living?

    Myself I have a JM steel fab as well as my B level training with a current CWB flux-core horizontal ticket.

    I have tested and passed a PWP 7 test but my current job doesn't require me to weld pipe so it has long since expired.

    I am also interested in any welding newsgroups or online welding forums that may be out there if any of you have come across one!
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    I can do uhhh mediocre mig and tig, and some stick...

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    I'm not a welder, but I can carry an arc if I need to glue something together. I'm a steamfitter and spend most of my time at work trying not to let you welder types burn me. I don't know how you look at that pretty blue light all day, it hurts my eyes after just a few mins. You must have good sunglasses.

    Seriously though, we're always looking for B or better welders.
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