Chev 94 octane question
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Thread: Chev 94 octane question

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    Chev 94 octane question

    What percent oxygenated is Chevron 94 octane gas?

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    maybe you should check out chevron's web site

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    I did. they really didn't say

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    Thats because they don't know either. It would vairy from station to station. Impossible to accurately measure it unless it was done periodicly on a daily basis. 94 octane isn't always the best fuel for your ride as I'm sure you know anyway because you will benifit more hp from a lower octane if your on the ragged edge of detination. Sorry, I know this isn't what you were asking for but thought this could help with the mis-understanding about fuel companies deceiving patrons with the attitude that more octane the better, what a farse. Actually Chevron should have at least a minimum oxygen rating posted or send them an e mail to find out. Please keep us posted with this as for I'm interested in hearing the numbers.......... later bro.

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