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    A1 Gp

    I was watching the Discovery Cannel and I saw this A1 GP car race which is similar to F1 or maybe Indy? I don't know exactly but anywayz it's very interesting because this race is not driver specific but country. There's also a line under the A1 GP saying that it is the World Cup of GP. There were a total of 23 countries in this A1 GP. You see all these young racer competing like crazy for their country pride. I would say it' quite fun to watch.

    I was just thinking if we were to to have something like a World Cup of MotoGP then it would be awesome. Countries vs Countries instead of individual vs individual. When the race is being hold at a certain country, I think fans will be even more crazy than motogp

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    A1 grand prix was started by a multi-billionaire in the UAE. So far it has done well....but I dont think it will last. It doesnt have any of the big car manufacturers names behind it. It is still being funded by the guy who started it. He bulit a top knotch race track for it. Id love to go check it out one day.

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    Canada is doing very well in the racing. They have been on the podium in three races. They would of won the last race but somehow got knocked out by Malaysia.

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