Setting up for a passanger
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Thread: Setting up for a passanger

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    Setting up for a passanger

    Is there anything that need tobe done to set a bike up for a passanger i heard it was not very good...but then again im on a k4 148 lbs with 110lbs girl so should i been fine

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    check tire pressures. check that passenger seat, not the solo cowl, is on the bike. unfold passenger pegs. instruct passenger how to hang on. go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottyDont View Post
    Is there anything that need tobe done to set a bike up for a passanger i heard it was not very good...but then again im on a k4 148 lbs with 110lbs girl so should i been fine
    I couldn't come up with something sincere-sounding yet "in-joke" sarcastic, so instead, check out this link. You can find almost anything you need if you search these forums. When you take a passenger, you are taking on a huge responsibility. Educating them, and making sure you yourself are properly prepared (including, insured) is the best way to handle this.

    I'm going to count that as my second good deed for the day...


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    Tell them they don't need to hang onto anything, and that gear is overrated. Also, remove your rearsets first, they won't need them. They can hold their legs up off the chain and exhaust.
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    biggest advice for taking a passenger.....don't crash. they sue!! motherbitches!!
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    Heres an informative page

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    Adding a bit more preload to the suspension could be good.

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    haha yeah...i have taken many off passangers befor lol...i just didnt care about it on my old bike lol...but this is my new baby lol...gotta keep good care of i should be good then...bit more pre load and im set aight sounds good...thanxs for the help guys

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    let them know b4 u do a wheelie... cause we've all seen that video of what happens if u don't
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    Bike prep might be considered a #2 priority.
    What's inside the helmet, that may be a #1 priority.
    Having a conversation with the passenger is always a good start.
    I tell them practical things, like how, and when to get off and on, how "leaning with the bike," is easier than they think (they can use the backrest as a guide, and be "one," with the motorcycle....more skilled passengers, ones with experience, i tell them to look on the inside of the corner with me), to push down with the soles of their feet when I'm braking, rather than sliding into me.
    Of course, being a decent rider helps too. By that I mean, no sudden moves, no shifts that cause "turtle kisses," with the helmets.
    Smoooooooth is the key. Smoooooth.
    There's another thread in the last day or two about Jason Pridmore's Star school.
    Ride on the back of Jason or Reg's motorcycle, and you learn how good smooth can be.
    A good passenger is a pleasure to have aboard.
    A bad passenger can make you want to leave them on the side of the road, getting smaller in the rear view mirror........

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