Repay claim or Pay Surcharge?
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Thread: Repay claim or Pay Surcharge?

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    Repay claim or Pay Surcharge?

    Cost of basic insurance last year $1155
    Discount of 15%

    An at fault accident a year and a half ago finally caught up to me

    Cost of basic insurance this year $1847
    Surcharge of 30%

    Difference of $692

    I might have the option to pay the claim out $4-500 but risk having the injury claim being settled and not being able to pay the claim out and having my insurance go up anyways.

    Do I start paying more for insurance now and slowly work back to my discount?

    Or do I pay out the claim and hope I am lucky and there is no injury claim? But risk having my insurance go up anyways and losing a year of working back to my discount?

    Somebody in all their infinite wisdom about ICBC and insurance help me?
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    I'm pretty sure they won't let you pay until the injury claim is settled. Pay if you can, and you're screwed if you can't.
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    Uhhh be thankful you only have to pay $1847/yr. I had a 40% surcharge (which I ended up paying out for $4200) that put my insurance up to $7800/yr.
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    Never let your friends borrow your car ! ! ! Got my surcharge down to +20% from +75% and i have 6 months intill my 3 years is up and now i have a letter in my hand from ICBC saying i owe them $4500 or i get another surcharge all because i let a friend drive my car and they crashed it. So needless to say I'm a little pissed off...

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    None right now...
    Work out the difference, and see which is cheaper. It'll be different in every situation. And definitely wait until you know what the injury payout will be.

    Note that in three years you jump back to your old position on the scale anyway. So if it's a high injury claim, you end up ahead of the game. If there's no injury claim, you can pay out the other stuff if it settles before three years from now.

    And if not, accept that the surcharge is your punishment for having an at-fault claim.
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