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    Cell phone question

    Hey all.
    The GF and I just bought Samsung d807s, and we're trying to upload MP3s to it. My problem lies in that the set-up CD is only programmed for a Windows OS, and we have a Mac with OS X.
    Do any of you guys know how we'd go about getting the music onto the phone? Is there a software patch somewhere, maybe?
    Any and all help will be appreciated.
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    does the phone, and your mac, have bluetooth?

    if so, you should be able to upload mp3s over bluetooth

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    Just googled your phone. It has a microSD card slot. If you have a microSD card as I do with a different kind of Samsung phone you can transfer tunes to your microSD card through a card reader with your Mac (I'm a Mac user as well). You will need the adapter that allows you to use your microSD in an SD slot (comes with the microSD card).

    I will check my phone/card to see the nomenclature for the directory/folder naming structure.

    Bluetooth transfers to your phone with mp3s are probably an impossible manouever. A limitation of the phone as it was with mine. Bluetooth isn't programmed for file transfers. Dumb but there it is. So get a microSD memory card if you don't have one. I got mine at London Drugs and it included the adapter that allows you to plug in the microSD into the standard SD slot in your card reader.


    Looks like cuski has the answer.
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    you can do a bluetooth transfer on a razr. you just have to know how. it's been done there, so i don't see why you can't do it on any enabled phone.

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    You're SOL. None of the Samsung phones can be used with iSync, and they don't all support the Bluetooth standard.

    Except for the A920, not the d807s AFAIK.


    Edit: just read the article comments. Apparently the workaround works for the d807 - not sure if it also works for file transfer though.
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    i think you can send files via bluetooth.

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