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    Angry Thai Away Home

    the location on Cambie is CLOSED


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    there is one on denman though right?
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    There's a wicked Thai place on Cambie at around 15th, upstairs, east side of street. Can't remember name. Damn good Thai food. Okay, now I'm hungry.

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    That sucks.

    There's a Thai House accross the street from work...that place kicks ass. $6.50 lunch for entree + rice + spring roll + salad + soup. mmm...might go there today

    There's also a Thai place next door to my building, not as good though. Anyone ever been to Urban Thai (I think???) under the Burrard Street Bridge? That place was pretty fuckin good too.
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    Thai House in NVAN and Burnaby is good and there's a Thai away home on the drive as well, isn't there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by penumbra604 View Post
    Thai House in NVAN and Burnaby is good and there's a Thai away home on the drive as well, isn't there?
    The one the Drive used to be Thai Away Home but is now called Take Thai Home (or something else that's similar and rhymes). I guess there was an ownership change. Food's just about identical though - so still fairly good and pretty cheap.
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