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    Thumbs up Top Gear Hammod Interview

    This guy has a sense of humor about his crash.

    "Apparently I was awake on the way to the helicopter and I got a bit fighty, I wanted to do a piece to camera, but my eyes were pointing in different directions."

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    good to see he is having a remarkable recovery.

    also good to see the fans doing some pretty honourable things. they've donated about $300000 to the air ambulance that moved hammond to hospital.

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    Here is a rapidshare link to an HD version of the top dear interview.

    I have been watching this show for years. I am glad to see that he is ok (clearly he is not 100&#37, but I hate to think that this crash might mean the end of top gear in its current form. For a show that sees upwards of 200+million viewers internationally, it should not be treated so poorly by the bbc.


    Its 36megs, so don't try downloading it on you cell
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