Is this true?
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Thread: Is this true?

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    Is this true?

    I ran across this on another site, has anyone read this in the papers?

    "A recent BC court of appeals ruling confirms something we have all suspected for years ... that a lot of those little ol' Oriental ladies cutting us off, turning left in front of us at lights, or crashing into us, got their license by bribing the driving inspector.

    BC court of appeals just ruled ICBC is entitled to the assets of one Foon-Wai Chiu, and his common law wife, Fung Kwan Lo. Who sold "guarenteed pass" driving instruction through their business, Dragon Driving School Canada.

    ICBC and the courts are also displeased with a Burnaby Licensing officer, one Crispine Argand Diaz, who charged $ 500 for each license secured without a test.

    Now who would have thunk that??? Do you think our insurance rates will go down now??"

    If this is true I would suggest everyone phone, email ICBC to have everyone that went to that "Driving School" be re-tested.

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    That happened 4 or 5 years ago, but perhaps it's taken this long to get through the courts.

    ICBC called in everyone who got a license through them for retesting.. a lot of them simply surrendered their license without even trying.

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    My friends mom got her license through somthing like that...she has no idea at all how to drive yet she still has her license...

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    that's old new - half the drivers in richmond paid for their licences that way. i'm sure someone's still selling something, we've got all the knock-offs here for sale in richmond
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    We hear about these stories all the time, and every couple years there's someone charged, or an ICBC tester given 3 days paid suspension as punishment for selling a licence. Something has to change.

    I'm not opposed to re-testing everyone every 5 years as opposed to just giving them a valid renewal licence just because they pay for it.

    Yes I know that this idea would cause all kinds of red tape and hassle, but at least these "one time buy your licence" things may be more deterred because in 5 years the purchaser would have to re-test anyway. It would also help raise the standard for those who have been driving long enough to become lackadaisical. It might raise some issues with poor driving habits too such as not shoulder checking, or cutting across lanes when turning a corner, or even the dreaded cell phone driver.

    Jobs would be created, ICBC would take in an extra $30 a person every 5 years, and standards would (should, may, might, hopefully) go up.

    End rant.
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