what local radio station to listen to
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Thread: what local radio station to listen to

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    what local radio station to listen to

    Hi guys and gals, i am from Ireland, and am currently off work as we have a new 2 week old baby boy at home, as i have a bit of time on my hands though i would listen to some of your local radio on line, any thoughts.
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    What kind of music do you listen to?

    I can't stand any of the local radio stations, but your tastes may differ from mine.

    Online, I like to listen to KEXP out of Seattle (UW) - www.kexp.org.
    CBC Radio 3 is also great for Canadian content - www.cbcradio3.com.
    Maybe Mediocre
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    local radio stations suck.

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    it goes fast...thats all you need to know
    Depends on your musical tastes...there is the Beat 94.5, The Fox99.3, Z95.3, and others ...maybe google it...um and with a young one at home do you think you will actually have the time?? LOL!! good luck and congrats!!
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    I'm curious (plus my Dad is Irish), tell us how you ended up on this website?

    Where in Ireland do you live? My family is all in the North in Bangor.

    Do you want more than music from our local radio stations? I would think you could get all the same shit (that's shite to you) over there. Are you looking for Canadian content or talk radio? If so, why?
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    Download iTunes for free from the Apple web site www.apple.com.

    Install and open the 'radio' feature from the left nav. Enjoy a bazillion radio stations from an endless variety of genres , most of which are commercial and announcer free.

    Local BC radio absolutely sucks. Except CITR, the UBC student radio station, which is eclectic to say the least. http://www.citr.ca/first.php

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    I just bought Sirius Satellite radio and I'm lovin it. I do a lot of driving so I get sick of hearing the same songs over and over, Howard Stern and the comedy channels make long drives go bye a lot faster.

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    the fox rocks. 99.3
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    I detest local radio. If I'm forced to listen, it's the Fox, but only grudgingly.
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    oddly, rock 101 for some reason is better than the fox in the morning, but worse in the afternoon.

    must be that soothing voice of karen k for the drive home.

    local radio still sucks though.

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    Another vote for "why bother, all the local radio stations suck".
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    yah, local radio does lick.

    I just got one of these to start accessing my music files (anywhere in the house) on my desktop through my stereo along with a bunch of internet radio options.

    its pretty cool http://www.slimdevices.com/
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    Bro Jake and rock 101.1fm in the mornings
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    I listen to the Zone 91.3. It's an Island station but you can get it over here most of the time.
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