husaberg vs husky question
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Thread: husaberg vs husky question

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    husaberg vs husky question

    i have looked into tards for a while and i know i need one for next season and i like the husaburg and the husky as far as looks and what i have heard. i know there is a big price difference but i thought i'd get some input from you guys who have actually ridden these bad boys. pros and cons would be great. i am leaning toward the husky cause $8300 compared to $10 000 is a big difference and neither 5 th gear or adrenaline motorprorts have a wooden nickle payment plan so i am on a limited bugdet haha.

    as much input as possible would be apprecialted or other bike suggestions would be great cause this will be my first sm thanks.

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    The Husabergs are good bikes. There just more expensive and don't have the history and reputation Husky has.

    We have a few customers with Husaberg's and they like them. The only thing that went wrong with them is the crank bearings there a shitty roller bearing, get rid of that and there good.

    Personally I like the Husky, easier to work on and better fit and finish. That and they sell out real quick.

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    You can go to any bank and get an RV loan. The dealer doesn't have to have a payment plan.


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    If you lived on the lower mainland, i'd say Husky hands down. In Victoria, talk with Scotty and the guys at Adrenalin and he'll swing you a great deal on a Berg (the 650 in the shop is pure sex). I looked at a SMR510 but parts supply was the deal breaker on that one. We need a Husky dealer on the Island! Don't ignore the possibility of streeting a KTM. I got a street legal 450EXC with 55 hours, dual sport kit, orange wheels, GPR damper, black plastic, Acerbis headlight, a bunch of spares, big tank, odds and ends, and MX gear for $8500. I'm fitting a SM setup when I get home in March but i have a wicked dual sprort/enduro bike too.

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