How often do you check your clutch cable?
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Thread: How often do you check your clutch cable?

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    How often do you check your clutch cable?

    Just wondering because I had mine snap on me at 70th and Oak on Fri night. I got it home in the back of our pick up and was riding it again by Sat afternoon, but I'm just curious as to how many of you check something like that on a fairly regular basis. I know I should be checking that stuff on a regular basis, but I guess I overlooked it. I'm constantly checking to make sure bolts, chain, tire pressure, etc. are all in order, but the clutch cable just hadn't come to mind recently I guess.
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    Never !

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    hydraulic clutch for me so never

    but on my previous rides which were cable/clutch systems, i never checked the cable, i'd adjust it every now and then though.
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    Normally you can feel them getting sticky and rough. If you're using too hands, somethings wrong. Rememer to grease the little drum the cable fit's in on the lever. If that dosen't pivot, the cable flex-es more than it should and breaks.
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    My clutch has a cable?
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