a long shot, but Tofino on SAT, NOV 2?
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Thread: a long shot, but Tofino on SAT, NOV 2?

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    a long shot, but Tofino on SAT, NOV 2?

    It's Monday, Oct 28th today and I haven't gone on one long trip all year. So I'm debating going to Tofino on Saturday to see Long Beach and the mighty Pacific Ocean in all it's glory. This is weather permitting of course.

    Monday's 5 day forcast:

    Monday (today) - shitty
    Tuesday - sunny periods
    Wednesday - Sunny
    Thursday - Mainly Sunny
    Friday - Mainly Sunny


    I'm holding out for Saturday/Sunday. I figure the odds are 50/50.

    I'll probably stay the night out there in Tofino, but the trip is short enough that you could go and return in the same day.

    For those of you that aren't in the know, Tofino is on the Island. So there would be a ferry cost involved, but not too much waiting at the terminal if it's timed right. The roads are great and scenery is pretty good too.

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    Porschenut.....The road to Tofino sucks. Uneven ground, gravel, and the road is pretty slick right now. Some areas on that road the sun doesn't even hit anymore. It might be a better choice to head south and hook up with the VROOMCREW and get them to show you there playground.

    If you do head out to Tofino take your time and watch out for the big trucks coming around those tight corners.


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    Really? Shite I guess I'll have to reconsider. I remember it being just awesome but that was back in 2000 during the spring.

    So, unequivocally, the road sucks and is unmangeable? I'd still ike to go if it would be "ok", but if it's horrible then Tofino's out.

    Thanks for your comment.

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    It has it's fun spots. I would recommend doing this road in the summer. The road is just bad going over the mountains. Before and after that the road is fine. I was out there about 4 weeks ago and the road was slippery around some corners.

    If I get my other bike back together stop in Port Alberni and I will ride out with you.

    Check with VTR_rider and gixxer-squid they both live in the area.

    Ride safe.

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    There's a lot of elevation changes on this road...especially when you're going through Pacific Rim National Park. I'm thinking that it's probably pretty slick at the higher elevations at this time of year.

    That damn road swallowed my poor bike back in March:

    There are a lot of better, warmer rides out there for this weekend...going south is probably not a bad idea.
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    OK, this idea is just shot. Thanks for the comments everyone. I guess the Island is out. As much as I love the place (I used to live in Victoria), the prospect of bailing it on a wet leaf or gravel is simply too daunting.

    Any other suggestions?

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    California is always nice this time of year!

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    Hey D-Man...
    You missed out on all the long rides we had during the summer....
    Mt.Baker, Kelowna, Penticton, Lillloet, Harrison... etc...
    This time of the year with limited sunny days and colder temps,
    you might want to avoid the longer ride and opt for shorter one,
    like the ride we had out to Pemberton and back was just right.
    There's a ride posted on Sat again.... come on down...
    the price is always right...
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    I think I'm going to head to the Island anyway. I figure that with a whole solid week of good weather I won't have to watch out for dampness, just dirt or gravel on the road. I don't plan on going fast anyway and I've got all the cold weather gear now so I should be fine. I'm also planning on riding with a friend. We'll leave on Saturday morning, stay over Sat. night and come back on Sunday by mid afternoon.

    I just really want to see Long Beach again. Awesome weather in Tofino:


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