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Thread: tennis rackets?

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    tennis rackets?


    so the gf wants to play some tennis and it's been years since i have played.. i have no idea what a good racket costs and no idea even what is reasonable to get.

    can anyone suggest anything? nothing too pricey.. just gonna go out for a casual game now and then. i don't want a crappy one, although i am guessing that even the cheapest racket now is better than the wilson i had 5-10 years ago.. lol


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    go to a second hand sports store... get a $300.00 racket for $50.00...
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    eBay, go to Spotcheck or similar store check out some of the rackets. They let you take a loaner out as well. then look on ebay and you will see a HUGE difference in pricing.
    If you do decide to buy here, you can't go wrong with Wilson, or my personal favorite Head ( no not because of the name).
    I have 6 different rackets but find myself using my older rackets more then the newer ones ( ones almost 15 years old that I still use). It all comes down to preference and your game style,

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    if you haven't played competetively for a while then a $300 racquet will make your play worse. Goto sport chek and go buy one of their entry level titanium ish racquets by head. You can get them for under $50, they're light, they're awesome racquets, they look good, they're new, you can get them for under $50, and if you play a lot and outgrow it you can just go get it strung differently til you're pro and need to move up.

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    u need dunlop..the best the bE$T

    prince are ok..but i like the feel of a just fucking feels right...
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