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Thread: Will a sportbike fit in a...

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    Will a sportbike fit in a...

    Dodge Caravan?

    Absurd question, I know...

    I'm back in Vancouver for school, left my bike in a friends' garage in Calgary for storage while I was in Europe for the fall. I want to get it back, and its way too cold to ride it back through the Rockies. I figure I'll rent a vehicle within the next two weeks to bring it back home, and had originally planned to rent a truck. Gas for the 1000km trip won't be cheap with a big Ford or GM, so I clued into the fact that maybe a Caravan with the stow 'n go seating (seats fold into the floor) would accommodate an R6. Without it here, I can't take any measurements to see if it'll fit - does anyone know what cars that a rental place will have, that will hold a sportbike?

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    No way in hell will it fit, unless its on its side. Just ask to rent a cargo van and make sure you ask for unlimited km's, i know Avis does unlimited km's on some cars.
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    Didn't someone ask this a few weeks ago? Short answer .... ermm - no
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    dude just rent a truck! Even if it can fit in a van how are you going to secure it down propely?

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    i know for a fact that a 2003 r1 will fit in a ford aerostar.
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    if you rent a cargo truck then you can tie it down and put other stuff in there as well
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    ya It will fit...Ive seen one in a dodge caravan at mission...took a pic too...ill see if i can find it......

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    I have seen the caravan with a bike inside at the bike shop as well.

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    The rear opening of my 2005 Caravan is 39" high, by 50" wide. My FZ6 is 45" to the handlebars, so depending on what bike you're thinking of loading, I think you'd be out of luck. You could, however, remove the wheels, if that is a realistic option. Wouldn't work with my FZ6 because the pipes are the lowest point and I wouldn't transport it like that. On its side it would fit.

    And by the way, with a regular Caravan (not sto-n-go), you can remove all the seats and leave them at home. Great for hauling drywall and plywood.
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    bad, m'kay?
    Any Chevy Astro/GMC Safari can fit a sportbike without having to remove anything. Even two if you really want to.

    You may be able fit your R6 into a Caravan is you remove the windscreen and possibly deflating the tires.

    Your best best is to put it on a pallet and ship the darn thing.
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    You've probably considered this but ...is your car strong enough to haul a smaller 'U-Haul' trailer? That would be my first choice all-round.
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    I once saw somebody fit an RM125 (dirt bike) in one, mostly on its side though.

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    I did some long distance moving before for major compagnies like United Van lines, Atlas, ect...Used to add boats, bikes, cars at the rear of the trailer. Call these compagnies and ask when's next time there's a load heading to Vancouver and if there's room for your bike. They're already going this way so it's easy for them to add your stuff for cheap. You can also insure it.

    They will pick it up at you're friend's place and "drop" it to your door !
    Don't have to go to Calgary ! Do the paperwork here.

    Hope this can help....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bafflebrain View Post
    Any Chevy Astro/GMC Safari can fit a sportbike without having to remove anything.

    Your best best is to put it on a pallet and ship the darn thing.

    Yes to both.
    This guy's good.
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    hey klutch R,... didn't know you used the same name on R6messagenet..
    anyway, based on what you saw on the pic.. i'm sure your question has been answered.
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